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Coworking Space in Baner

Pune is rapidly growing into a major business hub making it an alluring destination for multinational companies from all around the world to set up their offices here. These incoming companies bring with them an abundance of real estate opportunities as they need affordable yet fully equipped office spaces around the city. Baner is one such place that is gaining popularity with many corporate companies because of it being a well-planned metropolitan corridor with a peaceful environment & vibrant community.

With more and more companies opting for a flexible workplace, we here at Coworkista are bound to provide coworking space in Baner to suit the requirements of all. Coworkista is dedicated to catering to the ever-changing needs of corporates with its highly sophisticated yet vibrant coworking space in Baner comprising of business networks, inviting interiors, and a much-needed peaceful environment to concentrate on core business activities. Coworkista-designed spaces are aptly suitable for fostering professional relations and promoting mutual growth.

Now it’s your turn to join the exclusive circle of Coworkista and turn your business into an ever-growing empire.


Why Choose Coworkista For Coworking Space In Baner?

Providing you with the best facilities. Work your best with co-working space

For any coworking space to work, the right location with all-around connectivity is highly important. Apart from connectivity, the place should have abundant parking space and food joints, and business opportunities. That’s what makes Coworkista to choose Baner to establish its coworking spaces as has it all. With a robust network of local transport in place including much-awaited Metro work in full progression, no doubt, Baner will have one of the best connectivity around Pune which makes it a highly desirable place for any corporate entity.

Surroundings & Atmosphere

Everyone have their own reasons to opt for coworking spaces, but pleasant surroundings and knowledge exchange become the determining factors here. With more and more professionals choosing Baner and its surroundings for settling down in Pune, Coworkista in Baner fulfills the requirement of a peaceful, affordable place laced with amenities, making it one of the best coworking spaces in Baner.


A like-minded group of people often tends to create a great environment to work within. Coworking Place is a blend of corporate atmosphere and a relaxed café and this unique environment encourages quality work. Coworkista designs spaces to suit your requirement of having a comfortable and flexible private space for individual or collaborative work.


An ideal coworking place is one that is complete with all the amenities and facilities and allows professionals to focus on more important things like growing their businesses. Coworkista covers all the requirements such as security, internet access, food and water facilities, necessary equipment, cleaning facility, and much more to make your life comfortable in our coworking space.

For Collaborative working

What to Expect from Coworking space in Baner

If you’re considering Coworkista’s coworking space in Baner, Pune, here’s what you can expect:
A professional workspace: Coworkista provides a professional and modern workspace that is created to fulfil the needs of startups, entrepreneurs, and freelancers. You can expect a roomy and comfortable workspace furnished with all the tools you’ll need to concentrate on your work.

High-speed internet: Coworkista provides high-speed internet ensuring that you can stay connected and productive throughout the day. This is important for startups that require a fast and reliable internet connection to run their business.

Flexible work environment: Coworkista’s Baner coworking space offers a flexible work space that allows you to work according to your schedule. Depending on your needs and preferences you can choose to work at a hot desk, a dedicated desk, or a private cabin.

Networking opportunities: Coworkista has a vibrant and diverse community of entrepreneurs, startups, and freelancers. You can expect to connect and network with like-minded individuals who might offer valuable insights, advice, & potential collaborations.

Amenities and facilities: Coworkista offers a range of amenities and facilities, including meeting rooms, printing and scanning facilities, and pantry services etc. These facilities ensure that you have everything you need to focus on work and be productive.

Supportive staff: The staff of coworkista is committed to providing excellent service and support to ensure that your experience at the coworking space is seamless and hassle-free. They are constantly available to answer your quiries and provide assistance whenever you need it.

Overall, Coworkista’s coworking space in Baner Pune offers a comprehensive workspace option for startups, entrepreneurs, and freelancers. You can expect a flexible and professional workspace that is equipped with all the necessary facilities and services to help you grow your business. Additionally, the supportive community and staff ensure that you have everything you need to succeed.
Coworking Benefits at Coworkista Pune

Our Spaces increase productivity, collaboration, & innovation.

Coworkista Pune is not just a place for people to work, it’s a place for people to Connect.

Coworking with like-minded people

Collaborations & learning new skills

Prospects of better networking

Personal space with professional engagements

Flexibility in your working

Collaborations & learning new skills

Business Size

From Individuals To Well Established Companies Solution For All

We have professional and inspiring work environments to suit businesses of all sizes.

Hot Desk

Ideal for Entrepreneurs/freelancers

Dedicated Desk

Ideal for small businesses, startups

Private Offices

Ideal for Startups, SMEs & Corporates
Business Size

From Individuals to well established Companies Solution for all

We have professional and inspiring work environments to suit businesses of all sizes.

Hot Desk

Ideal for Entrepreneurs/freelancers

Dedicated Desk

Ideal for small businesses, startups

Private Offices

Ideal for Startups, SMEs & Corporates
Business Size

Our Offerings

When it comes to having a workplace that suites all your needs, we have different types of Coworking Space in Baner

Floating /Hot desk

Just bring your system, plug it in, and start working on your ideas.

Dedicated Desk

A reserved workplace that provides access to your own desk within a shared office.

Private / MD cabin

A private office for executives & professionals to manage their work & small meetings.

Conference Rooms

Equipped with all the necessary facilities, our conference rooms a highly suitable for meetings, training, webinars, & much more.

Training Rooms

Quite comfortable and well-equipped rooms suitable for all sorts of corporate training

Office Spaces

Exclusively designed to suit all the requirements for conducting business & for corporate as well as professional purposes.

Features & Amenities of Coworking Space In Baner

Providing you with the best facilities. Work your best with co-working space

Air Conditioning

Biometric Access

CCTV Surveillance

Parking Space

Conference & Meeting Room

High Speed Internet Wifi


Private Desk


Shared Reception

Relaxing Zone



Purified Water

Power Backup

Office Boy




How Can We Help

Search your frequently asked questions here.
What is a coworking space?

Ans. Coworking simply means coexisting for commercial purposes. In other terms, coworking is a neutral space where people gather to work independently or collectively on different projects, in groups, or within different entities.

What are the benefits of working in a coworking space?

Flexibility: From an employer’s point of view, Coworking spaces allow having much more affordable and flexible deals as compared to the tedious processes of a long-term lease. From an employee’s point of view, it gives more flexibility in terms of location and freedom in terms of work. So, it’s a win-win situation for both.
Communal Coexistence: Coworking exudes a sense of community. A place that’s been regularly shared by people from various backgrounds can create a strong bond among them and facilitate communal progress by helping each other at times.
Network building: When you are surrounded by people from diverse backgrounds in a commonplace, people are bound to connect with each other and generate business opportunities as well.

Can I book a meeting room or private office in a coworking space?

Ans. It is advisable to contact our team to understand the procedure to book a meeting room or a private office and they will guide you through a quick and easy procedure to follow.

Can I book a meeting room or private office in a coworking space?

Ans. While choosing the right coworking space can totally depend on a company or an individual’s budget and requirements, the following points are worth considering while zeroing in on your desired shared space.

  • Location: Location is quite obviously the most important point to consider when choosing a perfect coworking space. Your chosen space should be easily commutable from your residence as well as should have the convenience of restaurants, ample parking space, good transportation, and easily accessible by clients etc.
  • Budget: Budget is another important point of consideration while choosing a shared space. A budget calculation in advance can help you in zeroing upon the appropriate coworking place which is best in terms of affordability and long-term sustenance.
  • Short-term or long-term: You need to be clear about the duration of your stay at a coworking space. Are you planning an expansion? Are you going to increase your employee size? These are some of the questions, you need to have answers to before diving into the shared space.
How much does it cost to work in a coworking space?

Ans. The cost of a coworking space is purely dependent on the requirement of a person. Costing of shared space will be different for an individual freelancer and it will be different for a company with sizable employees and for a startup. For more details, you can contact our team who as per your requirements, can provide you with suitable solutions.

What amenities are typically available in coworking spaces?

A coworking space can provide you with facilities that will save you additional costs and time to concentrate on more important business aspects. The list of amenities and facilities a coworking space should typically be providing has been listed earlier though it varies from company to company extensively.

What types of individuals or businesses typically use coworking spaces?

Ans. Though coworking spaces are more popular among budding businesses, small ventures, and freelancers, it’s not all. Nowadays, big companies and entities have also started looking at coworking solutions to allow their employees to work from a common remote place saving on relocation costs and improving the efficiency of the employees through flexibility.

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